5 Bush presidency moments that were much worse than Kanye’s insult

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Nobody ever liked Kanye West more than when he said "Bush doesn't care about black people." It was short, pithy, and in the recent aftermath of a totally destroyed Katrina, relevant. However, there were lots and lots and lots of moments when everyone like Bush less than they liked him then. 

Last week, as he was promoting his memoir, Bush called the Kanye quip the worst moment of his presidency. Many people were very quick to disagree. Like DJ Pangburn at Death & Taxes, who put together this list of five moments that make Kanye's remark look like a bit of playful joshing amongst friends. 

Bush, for instance, authorized use of white phosphorus gas in Fallujah — a substance that would be banned by chemical weapons treaties. The Bush Administration claims it was only used for illumination but, as the list's author puts it: 

Surely there must be other ways of smoking the evil-doers out of their bunkers and caves–ones that don’t melt the skin off of human beings.

Especially given that it was used in civilian cities. And he also started two wars, was complicit in serious human-rights' abuses like Abu Graihb and the return of waterboarding.

Oh, and Kanye was right; he did actually let New Orleans drown. Not to be mean or anything.