Abercrombie & Fitch model sacked for digesting food before photo shoot

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Florian Van Bael underwear model

Belgian model Florian Van Bael was fired from a weeklong modeling gig for Abercrombie & Fitch after he ate a croissant. A spokesperson indicated Bael was let go from the $2,500, seven-day-long gig because he consumed a piece of food when he was supposed to be pretending look like a starvation victim, but we all know it was because he consumed anything at all.

Ad agency Shahid & Co. were taken to task by the New York Post and The Frisky for keeping tabs on the models and their exercise, eating and drinking habits during the uninterrupted week of work, paying out a mere $27 an hour (the men received little more than half that figure) for 13-hour days at the Panoramic Hotel in deserted ol' Montauk, New York.

On top of this, The Frisky claims Bael was paid even less than the industry standard — only $1,000 for the work, which is the equivalent of under $11 per hour. No wonder he wanted to eat something — he couldn't afford to pay for his own lunch.

Florian Van Bael