“Homeauxphobic” anti-LSU t-shirts draw criticism from Crimson Tide, possibly other tides as well

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As Steely Dan's Donald Fagen once famously sung, they call Alabama the Crimson Tide, so you can call him Deacon Blues (ya know, from "Deacon Blues"? Off Aja? One of the best rock albums of the '70s? Aww, you guys are no fun). What Fagen failed to note is that if you're a student at Louisiana State University, and you call Alabama the Crimson Tide, they in turn will call you French homosexuals who need to get their asses kicked.

According to a Towleroad report, University of Alabama students are criticizing anti-LSU t-shirts that promote gay bashing. The shirts, which commemorate the upcoming matchup between the Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers, read "Hey homeauxs, we just beat the hell out of you," a reference to LSU's French heritage.  

The shirts, which were made to celebrate the upcoming BCS national championship game on January 9, were made by a third party unaffiliated with the university that sold the shirts via After students complained about the shirt's homophobic message on Facebook, the website was dismantled, and the shirts are no longer available. Which is kind of a bummer, if you're a raging homophobe, Francophobe, or eleven-year old 'Bama fan who's too young and ignorant to know that jokes about gay-bashing are never funny. If you're a regular person, though, one less example of bigotry on the Internet isn't that great a loss.