Alert: Disease outbreak at Playboy Mansion

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All is not well at Hugh Hefner's fortress. After more than eighty party guests became ill, the Playboy Mansion is under investigation for a strain of Legionnaires' disease that's suspected to be the culprit. 

As reported in the New York Post,

Scores of attendees at the Domainfest conference in Santa Monica, held Feb. 1 to 3, came down with symptoms including fever, respiratory infections and violent headaches. Four Swedish guests were diagnosed with Legionellosis or pontiac fever — a milder form of Legionnaires' caused by bacteria that thrives in warm air-conditioning systems.

Pontiac fever? Legionnaires' disease? That shit ain't right. Playboy representatives deny "that anyone caught anything at the Playboy Mansion," which sounds hard to believe, in general. So maybe try not to accept any invitations from Hefner until this mess gets sorted out.