American Apparel resorts to just using naked women in its ads

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Granted, these naked ladies are drawings rendered in pencil, but still: my expectations of you are so low, American Apparel. Why must you still find a way to disappoint me? What happened to that WASP-y '80s prep thing you had going on? I thought it was ugly, but at least I didn't feel like Chris Hansen was about to pop out from my kitchen. Because these ads — drawn by Boris Lopez, who's worked for Hustler's Barely Legal and Tight — make me feel deeply uncomfortable. 

Oh, also, definitely NSFW:

Wow, Dov Charney. Now I totally want some cotton briefs to set myself on fire. Did the Cotton campaign actually sign off on these? I just need to know how many adults approved these before they saw the light of day. Very responsible, adults. Good job.