Americans’ satisfaction with America drops to eleven percent

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It's never a good thing to learn that nearly ninety percent of Americans are kind of pissed about the state of their country, but apparently that's where we're at right now, with Americans' satisfaction with the "national condition" at eleven percent, the lowest level since December 2008 and a mere four points above the all-time low in October 2008.

Of course, the seven-percent satisfaction rating came shortly after the bell rang at the beginning of the Great Recession, so that's probably not the best benchmark of comparison.

The current figures do represent a long downward spiral — national satisfaction has been below thirty percent since September of 2009, below forty percent since August 2005, and below fifty since January 2004. The all-time high? The heady, pre-millennial time of February 1999, which saw seventy-one percent of Americans satisfied, presumably drunk on the idea that we would soon all be internet billionaires. 

Then again, the average satisfaction rating since 1979 is forty percent, so as it turns out, we've got a history of being a bit dour about things. 

Unsurprisingly, the economy was a focal point for most Americans. "Lack of respect for each other" was considered the least important issue facing America, proving that at least we're comfortable with each other's boundaries as we slide towards poverty and a world increasingly dominated by the Soviet Union.