An Arizona gun club is offering holiday photos with Santa

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Scottdale gun club members' holiday card with Santa and guns

Ah, the holiday season… a time for candy-cane-flavored ice creams, stockings hung by the chimney with care, family viewings of A Muppet Christmas Carol, and photo ops with your favorite Glock. "Guns!" you may exclaim, "Colette — guns completely contradict the meaning of Christmas!" Well, not according to the Scottsdale Gun Club! For those who want their holiday cheer to cause some holiday fear, the Arizona club is offering their members the chance to pose with Santa while holding large-caliber rifles

The hopeful have quite the array of guns to choose from — images from the event feature an $80,000 machine gun, AK-47 variants, even an unloaded grenade launcher. Ron Kennedy, the general manger of the gun club, claims to have gotten the idea from a member who came in dressed as Santa one year. After other members repeatedly requested to have their photo taken with Father Christmas while holding their guns, Kennedy knew he had something special on his hands. "Our members have been looking for a fun and safe way to express their holiday spirit and passion for firearms," Kennedy said.  

Celebrate Christmas however you want, Arizona gun-lovers! (Even if your version of the holiday is all hopped up on the Second Amendment and looks like a scene out of Rambo: First Day of Christmas.) Just know that eventually, you'll shoot your eye out, kid