Anderson Cooper promises dessert, but probably not sex on charity date

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Anderson Cooper does not want anyone thinking he's a cheapskate when it comes to romance. Cooper was auctioning off the chance to join him for a lunch date at the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala last night, and he wanted to make sure that everyone knew he was a gentleman:

I just want to make it clear, I pay for the lunch, and we can have appetizers and we can have dessert. So it's a big lunch.

See what wonderful treatment you'd get at the hands of one of journalism's hottest silver fox? (Of course, he could be taking you to a California Pizza Kitchen or something, in which case it's not quite as impressive.) And while who gets the check and whether or not you can order some sorbet afterwards are important questions, we all know the most important ones: how far will Anderson Cooper with you?

And I don't do a lot on a first date, but if you behave and you're charming, there may be a second and who knows?

So… are we talking second base here, or what? Unfortunately, none of us will be able to find out, unless one of us is Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who bid $70,000 for the pleasure to dine with Cooper.