AP mistakenly quotes fake Christopher Walken radio interview

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With the reopening of the Natalie Wood drowning case from thirty years ago, Christopher Walken, who starred with Wood in the 1983 sci-fi film Brainstorm (Wood's final film appearance) and was on Wood's yacht the night she died, has found himself in the news for something not involving a cowbell or a shitty movie. This time, it involves a fake story being reported as real which, surprisingly, doesn't involve The Onion.

On Friday, the Associated Press learned that Christopher Walken had apparently called in to Washington, D.C. sports-talk radio show "The Sports Fix" (which already doesn't make sense) to discuss details from that fateful night in 1981. The AP quoted "Walken" as saying, "We had a lot to drink that night. There was Sambuca. There was shouting. And then there was tragedy. And that's all I can remember." He also added that he read "one of the Hardy Boys novels" before calling it a night.

As it turned out, the caller wasn't Walken, but rather Marc Sterne, a "Sports Fix" producer who, according to program director Chuck Sapienza, has been calling in as Walken the past two years. Sapienza said, "It's not set up as real. It's not like we're trying to fool anybody. We say it's the person on the air but we never believe that someone actually thinks the person's actually there." The AP ended up running the story for about an hour before correcting it. Interestingly, the original story is still running on the Taiwan News website.