Americans are fine with gays in the military, while UK officials fear female soldiers will inspire dangerous acts of chivalry

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GI Jane

Leave it to the Brits to let military policy be guided by acute concerns about manners. After reviewing its own policy on whether servicewomen should be allowed into hand-to-hand combat, England's Ministry of Defence upheld rules preventing female soldiers from fighting on the frontlines. And why? Because of chivalry, of course! Basically, officials worry that their soldiers are all too likely to risk death rushing to the defense of a female comrade rather than, you know, actually fighting. Aw, you shouldn't have!

Meanwhile, yet another study confirms that no, Americans are really not bothered by the idea of gays serving openly in the military. So not bothered, in fact, that even a good chunk of the Tea Party is okay with it. Still, it's unlikely the policy will be repealed any time before next year, as it's wrapped up in a Defense authorization bill that's up for debate for unrelated reasons. So it's probably a good idea to brace yourself for more polls showing the exact same results to be released every week or so until this issue is put to bed.