Ashton Kutcher takes on the Village Voice over sex trafficking

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So, somewhere in between killing the trucker hat and replacing Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher decided to get serious.

He and Demi Moore recently launched a series of P.S.A.s with the tagline "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" speaking out against underage sex slavery. The Village Voice, in response, wrote an article called "Real Men Get Their Facts Straight" that took Kutcher, among others, to task over the alleged inflation of certain statistics cited in the war on underage sex trafficking. And then things got ugly.

Kutcher has been viciously tweeting about the Voice's habit of advertising for escort services in their classified ads, with the tenacity of someone with very little actual work to do. That's not to say that his work isn't admirable, and that child sex slavery isn't a cause worth addressing, but his feelings seem very hurt by the mean, mean, things the Voice said about him, and he is not going to let that shit slide. Anyway, the most recent back-and-forth between the two of them is below, and there's much more where that came from.

Children, please. This is ridiculous from both sides. First of all, I don't like Ashton Kutcher, but attacking him for having possible inflated facts in his campaign against child sex slavery is a little much. I understand the Voice's position: they're all for integrity of information. But Ashton doesn't have a well-organized network of investigative journalists — he probably has an overworked assistant who he told to Google "sex-trafficking statistics."

And Ashton, let it go, please. You're fabulously wealthy for doing so very little, you're ridiculously good-looking, you've got the number-one cougar in the land on your arm, and you're upset that a free weekly paper in New York is quibbling with you? Half the people who consider you a viable source of information probably aren't even aware of the Voice's existence. Everybody here just needs to relax and let the public decide who to believe.