Atheists “attack” Christianity with new bus ads in Canada

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The atheists are back at it in Canada, launching a new series of hotly-debated bus ads in Toronto less a year after an equally-controversial series enraged Christians across the country. Although the ads aren't even set to appear until next month, media outlets are jumping into the debate already.

The Vancouver Sun has the full report:

Justin Trottier insists the ads weren't designed to offend religious Canadians.

"I'd love it if everyone saw the ads and knew the point of the campaign is to emphasize not the kind of knee-jerk debunking to anything suspicious but that we're interested in a genuine debate, a conversation about so-called extraordinary claims. We're not here to mock people who believe in these claims."

He said scientists have made extraordinary statements to explain evolution, but their beliefs are backed by evidence.

"Homeopathy, miracles and religious claims — those are at least as extraordinary but where's the evidence? Present the evidence and we'll be happy to come along for the ride and endorse those beliefs," he said. [Vancouver Sun]

His point, in other words, is that these other conspiracies have so many skeptics, why are there so few skeptics questioning the Bible? Actually, I don't think anyone believes in Zeus, except maybe Mike Huckabee. That guy will believe anything you send him in a chain e-mail.