Attack ad portrays Barney Frank as disco-dancing queen

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This really is the golden age for insane political attack ads. And while they are probably harmful to the political discourse of our nation, at least we can get a kick out of them before we slide into an endless morass of despair. Sean Bielat, the GOP nominee for Congress running against Barney Frank, has just released a new ad that probably includes some kind of damning information. You can barely tell, though, over the loud music, booty shaking, and disco balls.

I'm sure he wasn't meaning to imply anything, mind you:

I can't help but feel that this was just kind of inept. No one doesn't know that Rep. Frank is gay, right? And is that really just a clip of Frank saying "AIG" completely out of context being thrown in every now and then? This is no demon sheep, but it was definitely good for a chuckle or two.