Australia adds indeterminate gender option to passports

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Australian Passport

Here's some exciting news for intersexed Australians (who surely make up a good portion of our readership). An extra gender option has been added to the country's passports. People can now identify as male, female, or the awesomely ambiguous "X." Now, you can only choose the "X" option if you have a doctor's note to actually back up your choice. But overall, this is an impressive step towards trans equality.

According to Senator Louise Pratt, whose partner was born female and is now identified as a man:

"'X' is really quite important because there are people who are indeed genetically ambiguous and were probably arbitrarily assigned as one sex or the other at birth. It's a really important recognition of people's human rights that if they choose to have their sex as 'indeterminate,' that they can."

Can you even fathom someone with Pratt's sexual history getting elected to office in the States, let alone passing similar legislation here? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, high five, Australia.