Banks doing much better, thanks, but will continue to bleed you dry

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Noted twentieth-century philosopher and poet Snoop Dogg once said, "They say I'm greedy, but I still want more." Apparently, he was speaking for the larger banks in America, who have recently posted their profits. They're doing much better, thank you, but they'd still like more of your money, you dirty poors.

Bank of America, whom you might remember from that one time we (America) gave them twenty billion dollars (not including the $118 billion guarantee in potential losses), posted third-quarter profits higher than last year's. Specifically, $6.23 billion. Guh.

Of course, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has actually surpassed them as America's biggest bank, so… I don't know, weep for BoA.

Oh, and that other conglomo-nightmare, Citigroup, posted a seventy-four percent earnings increase (total earnings: $3.8 billion) this quarter. But they're still implementing their so-called "poverty fee," which is a monthly fee that will kick in should your account drop below a certain amount.

Does being enraged at this make me conservative (for being upset at the original bailout) or a socialist (for thinking that these obscene profits should be redirected in light of how much these fuckers owe the people they're gouging)? I just don't know. I think it just makes me depressed.