Banksy (possibly) responds to Oscar loss with new artwork

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Banksy work

When Exit Through the Gift Shop lost best documentary to Inside Job at this year's Oscars, we were all pretty bummed, if for no better reason than wanting to see how the enigmatic Banksy would respond to winning. (Rumors of gorilla masks and other elaborate disguises even emerged, despite them being against Academy rules.) And let's face it: the dry telecast could have used some absurdist shenanigans.

In the weeks following the awards, he's been pretty quiet about his loss — until now. The latest Banksy piece has popped up in Weston, England and depicts a cranky child holding a gold statue. In other words, the Oscar is nothing but a toy, a mere plaything. Or judging by the sourpuss on that kid's face, a weapon. Take that, Academy!

However, there is speculation that the work is just an imitation and not an actual Banksy original. According to commenters on the official Banksy forum, the girl is from an earlier Banksy piece titled "No Future", and it is not like him to rehash characters.  But perhaps the most convincing evidence to prove that it is a fake, a different version of this exact stencil showed up on eBay auction ending earlier this week. Hmm, is there anything Banksy can (or can't) do without controversy?