Belvedere being sued by woman in controversial “Goes Down Smoothly” ad

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Belvedere Goes Down Smoothly ad

Apparently, even the people who are actually featured in Belvedere's rapey new ad think it's terrible. Alicyn Packard, the woman who appears to be lurching away from her bro-y male companion in the controversial spot, is now suing the vodka company for using her image without permission. "To be affiliated with an ad that's so offensive to so many has just been horrible," Packard said. "I just want to distance myself from the ad as much as possible."

According to Packard, Belvedere took her image from a video her production company had posted online, then featured it without permission in the ad under the caption, "Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly."

Though the company issued a public apology within hours of posting the ad, Packard claims they have yet to apologize to her, and said, "The repercussions have been huge. It's been a really terrible experience. The whole thing."

Why is it not surprising that the same company that saw fit to make an ad about forced oral sex also saw fit to lift a stranger's image off the internet without permission? The irony is so clunky it almost seems intentional.