Belvedere video contest offers applicants “Dream Job,” with $100,000 salary

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Belvedere Young Jeezy

During an era when jobs — any jobs — can be hard to find, Belvedere vodka is hiring one, very lucky individual for a "Bartender's Dream Job." Basically, it's a year-long cocktail ambassadorship, to travel the world, make cocktails, and get paid an annual salary of one hundred grand as a brand representative.

Is this the lottery ticket of employment opportunities? Yes. Could it be a fun, crafty project to do with YouTube, your friends, and liquor? Also yes. Applicants are being asked to make and submit minute-long videos to the vodka company's Facebook page, showing their personality, persuasiveness, and of course, love of vodka. 

Some of the ones we found take that last part a little seriously:

The campaign has been getting a good bit of press, including a shout-out from comedian and self-professed vodka fanatic, Chelsea Handler. If you think you can make a better video than the one above, hate your job, or both, you can make a video and submit it on Belvedere's Facebook page.