Biking is actually bad for your lungs, new study shows

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girl riding bicycle

Bad news for the trendily health-conscious among you: research shows that urban cyclists tend to have a little more than twice as much as black carbon buildup in their lungs as pedestrians, a condition that will henceforth be known as "biker's lung."  A small European Lung Foundation study in London compared regular pedestrians with regular cyclists, and found the cyclists to have 2.3 times the lung buildup, which can lead to health problems including heart attacks and decreased lung function.

"Our data strongly suggest that personal exposure to black carbon should be considered when planning cycling routes," said one of the researchers on the study. “Whether cycling by healthy individuals is in itself associated with adverse health effects is currently being assessed in a larger ongoing study.”

So even with further research still to be done, it's looking like the new bike accessory of choice might have to be surgical masks instead of wine racks. Only time will tell how the brave residents of Brooklyn will adjust to this jarring lifestyle change.