Black Friday shoppers are now pepper spraying each other

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Not content leave Black Friday's inherent creepiness well enough alone, shoppers have one-upped themselves this year by turning violent. In particular, one woman at a Los Angeles Walmart decided to defend her purchases by pepper spraying fellow shoppers. Maybe she heard pepper spraying is a meme these days?

Twenty people were reportedly injured in the incident due to both the actual pepper spray and the "rapid crowd movement" in the area of the store near marked-down Xboxes and Wiis. "People started screaming, pulling and pushing each other, and then the whole area filled up with pepper spray," said one witness.

Authorities have termed the woman's actions "competitive shopping," and unsurprisingly, this wasn't the only incident of shopping-related violence today. In a North Carolina Walmart police used pepper spray to break up a dispute, and elsewhere gunfire was reported in a mall.

Uh, glad to see the spirit of the holiday season is still alive and well. Keep up the good work, everyone!