Brazil bans gay and lesbian sex-ed videos

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A series of educational videos meant to help students overcome homophobia are now being banned in Brazil by the country's President, Dilma Rousseff. After viewing them herself, Rousseff deemed them "unsuitable for youngsters," which is funny because you'd think homophobia would be the much more unsuitable choice given the options.

She also claimed that they “did not offer an objective picture of homosexuality.” What does that even mean? Were there too many Lady Gaga references in the films or not enough? In other words, it's pretty much impossible to objectively represent any form of sexuality when such a vast spectrum of experiences and preferences exist, especially when most of those choices are equally valid.

Of course there was also much political pressure from evangelical church groups, so the fact that the videos simply presented any image of homosexuality (and tolerance of it), probably has more to do with their removal than whatever representation they actually offered.