British company sells panties with 105 inch waistline

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Big Bloomers Company

In an all too rare moment of giant underpants-related news, Britain's own Big Bloomers Company has added to its already extra-large range of panties, with sizes now going up to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL, i.e. a size 74 or a 105 inch waistline. Stop that tittering! The company started out serving the plus size market with underwear that went up to XXXXXXXXL, but after numerous complaints that their product wasn't big enough,  the new "plus plus size" range was born.

The new additions to the line have reportedly been selling like enormous, ass-encasing hotcakes, and company co-owner Diane Mannering said, "We ship them around the world and, at the moment, New Zealand and Australia are the biggest takers." Biggest takers indeed. Seriously, is there anything that adds more joy to this world than cartoonishly large underpants?