Brooklyn College student suing school for sending her to a mental institution

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Involuntary mental commitment is no simple matter, especially now. There's the case for committing potential lunatics before they cause harm to themselves or others, and then there's the case against playing the reflexive blame game with anyone who exhibits some strange behavioral quirks.

And then there's Chinemerem Eze, a Nigerian foreign-exchange student at Brooklyn College who was committed to a mental institution after claiming her landlord installed a camera in her room. Trouble is, the camera was later verified. (And even if it wasn't, her institution of higher learning probably shouldn't have locked her up based on these accusations. Right? Right.) This all happened in 2008, and Chinemerem is filing a lawsuit against the school:

Now she’s suing the security officers, psychologist, and the school for negligence, emotional distress, and false imprisonment. Her lawyer, Andrew Spinnell, says this was “totally inappropriate conduct by the college.”