Brooklyn parents embrace “babyccino” trend

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Denizens of Brooklyn, don't be surprised if you start seeing dozens of amped-up, flannel-swaddled infants huddling outside your local coffeehouse, lighting up Parliaments and yammering into their smart phones about what a self-important hack Jonathan Franzen is. That's because a kiddie coffee drink called the "babyccino" is currently taking the outer boroughs by storm, according to a recent story by the Brooklyn Paper

The drink, which is either a $2 small decaf cappucino or a cup of steamed milk topped with foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon or chocolate powder, is being offered by coffeehouses in chichi neighborhoods like Park Slope and Prospect Heights, and apparently it's big among local toddlers with gender-neutral dolls and names that were popular in the early 1900s. Local cafe owners say that the drink — which was invented in Australia about a decade ago — has surged in popularity over the past few months, and one barista at a Fort Greene coffeehouse claims she serves up five to ten babyccinos daily.

Of course, any hipster mommy-endorsed trend is bound to have its detractors, and although pediatricians say that it's okay for kids to have a small amount of caffeine on a non-regular basis, many coffeeshop owners refuse to serve the drink, with one java expert (yes, apparently that is a thing) saying that babyccinos "interrupt workflow, create milk wastage, and can be served at a dangerous temperature to a vulnerable consumer." Which I guess is another way of saying, "the concept of a babyccino is, in itself, so fucking ridiculous that it makes my eyeballs bleed, so I'm just going to refuse to acknowledge its existence in the hopes that it goes away on its own or that I die first, either one."