Bullies harass poor businessman who won’t hire people until “Obama is gone”

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It's tough being an enormous jackass these days. You put up a sign reading, "New company policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone," it goes viral, and suddenly everyone is on your case about how you're denying people jobs, contributing to the piss-poor economy, and, you know, generally being a jackass. Can't a freedom fighter catch a break?

Bill Looman, a small business owner from Georgia, has been getting flack for posting the signs on his company's trucks and his Facebook page in the last week. In fact, it's so much flack that he's disconnected his phones and temporarily shut down his website. Though, if you log on now, you'll be greeted with a message from one Mr. Mike Sankewitsch:

"All of you who have been less than kind in your assessment of Bill for his practice of that freedom [of expression], should be ashamed of yourselves. Every American has the right of freedom of speech, through the printed word or spoken, and for you to look down upon that right is to declare that not only do you not believe in the American Constitution, but to also declare to all that listen that you do not care to be branded an American. How sad that is."

Looman similarly insists that he was only voicing his opinion, and predicting that he wouldn't be able to hire anyone due to Obama's policies. He did not mean to indicate he "isn't hiring" to "make a political point." (Just to be clear, I'm using quotation marks here less the way people use them to convey direct quotes than the way John McCain uses them to talk about women's health.)

See, I guess my puny, Constitution-defying brain failed to grasp all this. Because, generally, when I read, "New company policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone," I tend to take that as the person is refusing to hire employees until the current president, whom he disagrees with, is out of office. Which seems kind of like a political statement. And also like general jackassery.