California votes down pot legalization

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Prop 19, the California ballot initiative to legalize marijuana, was defeated in the polls on Tuesday. Along with general election results, voting tipped (or landed headfirst with a bloody crack) on the side of conservative. Despite Big Marijuana's influential benefactors (California's Service Employees International Union, probably Richard Branson), there's still some opposition to pot legalization in California that would probably surprise the rest of the country. From FastCompany, before the election:

Many growers reportedly fear that legalization could shut out existing farmers who run small-time operations, shifting the marijuana cultivation industry from Northern California to the Central Valley's "big agriculture" complex, which already grows much of the state's produce.

Growers can relax, claims Tom Angell, a spokesman for the Yes on 19 campaign. "There won't be a big Phillip Morris-type organization setting up shop until federal policy changes," says Angell. And considering that Proposition 19 isn't universally loved even in liberal California, federal legalization probably won't happen any time soon.

And it didn't happen! But only 53% of people voted against it, so half the state is already smoking up or planning to get prescriptions anyway. Medicinal marijuana use was also voted down in South Dakota. It looks like certain states aren't interested in stimulating their economies, hm?