Canadian hair salon advertises using domestic abuse

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So, that ad above. Does it make you want to get your hair did? Does it make you want to inject a much-needed shot of glamor (or, if you're from one of the more backwards nations of the world, "glamour") into your life?

Fluid Hair in Edmonton, Canada, has been using this ad for about a year, though the internet has picked up on it this week, and it's finally attracting the controversy it was probably designed to stir up.

Janine Fraser, director of the Edmonton Women's Shelter:

"This advertisement is at risk of glamorizing an issue that is of serious and life-threatening, ongoing concern to all the women and children who use our shelters."  

Salon owner Sarah Cameron's response:

"It is cutting edge advertising? Yes. Is it intended to be a satirical look at real-life situations that ignites conversation and debate? Of course. Is it to everyone's taste? Probably not."

Although, yes, I suppose she could have fallen down some stairs or opened a cabinet into her face (with that coif I'm surprised the poor dear can go about her day at all), but really, is this supposed to be anything but a tableau of domestic abuse?

And what of the tag line? Who does it refer to? The abuser, who naturally must look good whilst beating a women he probably had to tell twice, goddamnit, or the woman, whose elaborate hairstyle makes her suffering somehow more graceful and endurable?

Meh. It's from Canada. Clearly those hosers are just trying to distract Americans from the more pressing issues we're facing, like Beyonce's pregnancy and Lady Gaga's fake penis.