Casey Anthony named most hated person in America in new poll

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According to E-Poll Market Research, which carries out a weekly poll among 1,100 people ages thirteen and up, Casey Anthony is the most hated person in America. Keeping a low profile since being acquitted last month of murdering her daughter Caylee (despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary), Anthony was seen partying and competing in "hot body" contests just days after her two-year-old daughter was reported missing.

In the E-Score Celebrity poll, which ranks over 6,000 celebrities in categories such as public awareness, appeal, and dozens of other areas, of the fifty-three-percent of those questioned who were even aware of Anthony, fifty-seven-percent thought she was "creepy," and sixty-percent felt she was "cold."

In the "total dislike" category, Anthony edged out Spencer Pratt, followed by Octomom Nadya Suleman (who has lately resorted to celebrity boxing matches to help support her fourteen kids), O.J. Simpson (formerly the undisputed king of American hate-receiving), and rapidly-fading-from-memory Jon Gosselin. Completing the list were Kate Gosselin, Levi Johnston, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss, and Howard Stern. Rachael Ray did not make the list.

As a sign of just how despised Casey Anthony is, a Florida woman named L. Concetta Graves, who resides in the same part of Orlando where Anthony lived, is afraid to go outside because she resembles Anthony, and her brother, absurdly, was even beat up by three men for being seen with his lookalike sister. Applying that logic, any Spencer Pratt lookalikes are in imminent danger, and are advised to undergo facial-feature-altering plastic surgery immediately.