Catholic school students suspended for displaying pro-choice views

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A Catholic school in Ontario suspended several students who wore strips of tape bearing the word "choice", in protest of a Day of Silent Solidarity that the school was holding to raise money for anti-abortion groups. You're probably thinking it's well within the jurisdiction of a Catholic school to impose their moral values on the student body. But this particular school is being partially funded by taxpayer dollars (yeah, they do things a little weirdly up in Canada). If the public is going to fund an educational institution, shouldn't there be equal opportunity for the expression of all opinions?

St. Patrick High School, however, is claiming that the students were suspended for the way they went about expressing their views, not their actual views. According to a statement from the school board:

It wasn't anything about what the students were trying to say; it was the inappropriate way they went about it. They didn't get approval from the school. They didn't do anything of the sort.

The school also claims the protesters were punished for cursing and lashing out at teachers when told to remove their stickers. Hmm, I'm not sure I buy it. It still seems dubious that the suspensions weren't at least slightly influenced by politics.