Chile releases homophobic anti-domestic violence campaign

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A government wants to start an ad campaign denouncing domestic violence: very good. They decide the best way to do that is to lob gay slurs at abusive men: very bad. But that didn't stop the government of Chile from rolling out this new PSA:

Yikes. Luckily, all those Chilean miners we were so captivated by are wearing shirts with the slogan to support this effort. (Never meet your heroes, guys. Or see them wearing graphic t-shirts.) It's obviously important to fight domestic violence, but this seems like an obviously bad way to do it. Says the Chilean group Soy Hombre Soy Mujer:

In Chile, homophobia continues to be the result of ignorance and this national campaign serves to worsen the lack of information, discrimination and violence against LGBTs…

Hopefully the Chilean government will see the error of its ways, because really: isn't being a wife beater bad enough?