Chris Rock doing stand-up for pregnant women going into labor

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Chris Rock

Or at least he did yesterday. Chris Rock was simply shopping at a Neiman Marcus in New Jersey, like he does, when "a woman's water broke a few feet away from him."

Instead of shrieking and running away with his hands waving in the air, as I would have done, the comedian and father stuck around and made some apparently funny jokes. According to Us, his "trademark humor" helped keep the water-broken woman calm. An eyewitness — who may or may not have been a real-life Paul Blart: Mall Cop — told the magazine,

He was making the crowd and the woman in labor laugh. She recognized who he was immediately and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away.

There are no reports as to how the rest of the woman's day went, or, more importantly, on the details of Rock's impromptu comedy routine. Maybe it'll pop up on YouTube soon? Until then, though, you can settle for watching his classic bit on love, which I hear sometimes leads to pregnancy.