Christian high school kicks out student for being gay

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When administrators at The Master's School, a K-12 Christian School in West Simsbury, Connecticut, found out rising senior Rachel Aviles was gay, they kicked her out. Sure, it's a private school and they're allowed to discriminate against their student body however they see fit. But here's the thing — they have no precedent, and thus no policy for the incident that ensued. It's not like the administration ever officially wrote down that gays, or even non-Christians, were banned from enrolling. Because seeing rules like that in print makes you seem like the intolerant bigots you are.

Besides, how many five-year olds have any awareness of their sexual orientation? Imagine growing up in an educational community, only to be kicked out once you come out of the closet come high school. As if your teenage years aren't awkward enough.

And speaking of awkward, the only way the school even found out Aviles was gay was through an antagonizing interrogation of the student body, after an incident in which some students pretended to be married and (gasp) held hands. Everything about that last sentence is completely weird. What high-school kids pretend to be in long-term monogamous relationships? And what school principals actually care? This is some Saved by The Bell-level weirdness. Except no one from Bayside ever got expelled for more than thirty minutes.