Christine O’Donnell’s first campaign ad: “I’m not a witch”

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Christine O'Donnell's first campaign ad: "I'm not a witch,"

Delaware's Republican-ish Tea Party candidate for Senate Christine O'Donnell has unveiled her first campaign ad for television. The ad elegantly begins with O'Donnell blurting out, "I'm not a witch," which is what someone would say if they weren't a witch, right? In fact, she's so not a witch that she just couldn't wait to tell people about how she's not a witch, a feat she accomplishes in literally one second:

The best part is that, after she exposes herself as non-witch, you can totally see the panic in her eyes as she thinks to herself, "Oh, shit, I've still got 29 seconds left." And so she fills her remaining airtime with some gibberish about how she's just one of us and wants to do in Washington what we'd do, which is a terrible argument when you remember that most of us are ridiculously unqualified to be legislators.