CNN article: “What to do when a body part falls off”

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missing tooth

On its website, CNN is currently running an article with one of the oddest headlines I've ever seen: "What to do when a body part falls off."  It's a title with a seriously sinister subtext. Not "if," but "When." Not "Gets cut off" or "Is violently removed in a terrible accident," but the totally passive, "Falls off." Because seriously — don't you spend long hours at home, wondering what you'd do if your eye just up and popped out?

Well, even if you don't, now you know what to do. The article, which also has advice for knocked-out teeth and cut-off fingers, is pretty intuitive: Don't think you can just push your eye back in and go on with your life. Instead, go to the hospital.

There is an upside. According to the article, "the eyeball doesn't fall down because it's held in place by the optic nerve…The eyeball doesn't pop out." Their source, a doctor of ophthalmology, adds that he's only seen this happen once in his whole career, when someone got viciously poked in the eye while playing soccer. So, the real takeaway might be: don't play soccer with mean eye-poking people. Or just that today is a very slow news day.