Coffee now comes in 64-ounce jugs

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growler of coffee

File this under things I should never have heard about or been given access to: according to the Times, coffee shops in New York are starting to sell iced coffee in refillable sixty-four-ounce growlers, the huge jugs normally reserved for beer.

With iced coffee season kicking off and thus the need for coffee places to start in on more cold-brewing, several small shops decided it also made sense to go ahead and start selling it in reusable containers that hold the equivalent of a Big Gulp's worth of coffee. "We do cold-brew anyway, and we thought there were people out there would buy this much coffee," said the owner of Nolita Mart and Espresso Bar.

Okay, so this does sound amazing, but why this is legal and Four Loko isn't I'll never understand. Well, I guess there's the high concentration of malt liquor and gross flavoring, but even so… questionable.