Comedian harasses lesbian couple, sued for $22,500

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Going to comedy shows can be painful. Once, I followed my date to the bathroom to make out mid-show, less because I liked him, and more because I was bored. But this story takes things to new extremes: a Vancouver restaurant was ordered to pay $22,500 by a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal because the comedian harassed a lesbian couple in the audience.

The comedian, Guy Earle, claims that the couple was heckling him on stage and threw a drink in his face. The couple denies this; they say Earle pointed to them and declared them

The "dyke table" and "went on to describe lesbian acts involving her and her partner […] [One woman] said she booed him in an attempt to shut him up and this caused him to leave the stage and come to their table where he loomed over her, swearing and asking her derogatory questions. She told the tribunal she didn’t want him near their table so she picked up a glass of water and threw the water in his face. As she was leaving, she said Earle intercepted her, took the sunglasses from her head, broke them and threw the pieces on the floor.

Now, you could say that comedians make fun of everyone, and that it's not homophobia — since presumably, he was being a dick to everyone. In either case, twenty grand seems a little stiff. That said, I've been to enough stand-up in my life that it's hard not to take the two ladies' side. I mean, look at that guy. You know he's a jackass. It's like, "Hey buddy, John Corbett called. He wants his hair from My Big Fat Greek Wedding back." Rimshot!