Controversial judge may lose his job for distributing condom-stuffed acorns

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Isaac H. Stoltzfus, a judge from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, could lose his job simply for promoting safe, uh, intercourse. Last September, Stoltzfus handed out condoms packaged in hollowed-out acorns to state employees while attending a continuing education seminar. And now The Judicial Conduct Board has filed a complaint saying he brought "disrepute" on his office.

He was also almost ticketed for disorderly conduct, but then the police realized he didn't actually break any laws. If anything, the judge was preventing others from acting disorderly by helping them keep their sexual escapades under wraps. Stoltzfus, who claims to hand out condoms in his courtroom all the time to help emphasize how important safe sex is in preventing unwanted pregnancy and STDs, should be considered an empowering role model — even if his way of distributing them is a little nutty (pun totally intended; sorry). Besides, what are all these uptight people doing living in a city called Intercourse anyway?