Virginia Republican claims TSA’s patdown procedures will turn your kids gay

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Eugene Delgaudio

Remember Eugene Delgaudio (above, right), the crazy guy who claims the TSA's body-scanning and patdown procedures are part of the gay agenda? Well, according to my sources, he's been emboldened by the combination of huge backlash and tidal wave of financial support since his remarks were reproduced nationally. Now, he's back to freak us out some more with his wacky ways.

His latest diatribe goes one step further: he claims the TSA now wants to turn all our children gay:

Dear _____,

I took a stand against the TSA and their "porno scanners" and blatant groping.

And I took a stand against their policy of "non-discrimination" which subjects you and me to humiliation and dehumanization at the hands of practicing homosexuals.

How it exposes those most precious to us — our children — to being photographed by naked scanners or explicit sexual touching by practicing homosexuals.

And the Homosexual Lobby's lackeys in the media hate me for it.

These TSA policies force terrified parents to choose between salivating radical homosexual employees viewing pornographic images of their child or a full-on molestation.

But that's not even the worst part of this radical agenda.

It confuses our children into thinking this sort of explicit sexual contact is somehow ok in certain situations — and by strangers no less!

And this is their scheme to grow their ranks.

You see, Homosexuals do not reproduce. They must recruit our children into their filthy perversion to increase their numbers.

Nearly every single homosexual was once the prey of an older man corrupting them with sin.

If they teach our children that groping by strangers is a socially acceptable practice, their evil is that much easier.

Ed Brayton at Science Blogs calls this "doubling down," but that's like saying Mark David Chapman somehow got crazier since the early 1980s. That's not possible: once you're 100 percent insane, you're still just 100 percent insane.