Court rules that Brazilian woman can masturbate at work

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Thirty-six-year-old Ana Catarina Bezerra is a Brazilian woman who suffers from a rare condition known as "orgasmic compulsion" caused by a chemical imbalance which results in severe anxiety and hypersexuality. She ran into some problems at her accounting job because, apparently, the only way she can relieve her deep anxiety is through masturbation.

So the divorced mother of three began legal proceedings with her company, and has now won the right to masturbate at work for fifteen minutes every two hours, and she's allowed to watch porn on her work computer to facilitate her self-pleasuring.

Bezerra knew something wasn't kosher, as her masturbation began to rule her days. She said, "It got so bad I would masturbate up to forty-seven times a day. That's when I asked for help, I knew it wasn't normal." Bezerra's doctor subsequently prescribed a cocktail of tranquilizers for her, and now she "only" has to masturbate about eighteen times a day. This is a story that would seem humorous at first blush, but it's certainly no laughing matter for Ms. Bezerra. Although it would seem funny if someone who wasn't privy to the circumstances came into the office and noticed a roomful of jaded employees nonchalantly going about their business as one woman went about hers.