Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio — a controversial figure who's currently under investigation by the FBI for civil-rights violations in his prisons — met with Sarah Palin at a Tea Party rally in Phoenix Friday and gave her an... unusual gift. Soon after the meeting, Arpaio tweeted this:

Now, there's an explanation of sorts for the gift: one of Arpaio's many infamous policies forces his prisoners to wear pink boxer shorts, because it makes it harder for them to steal the underwear when they leave. (That is the number-one problem facing America's prison system today, you know.) He could have also given her a tent, because he makes inmates who are simply awaiting trials and may not ever be convicted stay in tents despite the punishingly hot temperatures. But that would have been less zany.

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Oct 25 10 - 4:14pm

Will we get to see Sarah wearing those pink undies around the house in that TLC documentary about Alaska?

Oct 25 10 - 9:15pm

Dirty old (racist crazy-ass) man giving pretty (airhead, Stepfordish, political toxic) lady panties? Says a lot about the conservative movement.

Oct 26 10 - 1:18am

How did he know her size?

Oct 26 10 - 1:22am

How did he know her size?

Oct 26 10 - 1:38am

How did he know her size? Arpaio is a dick.

Oct 26 10 - 4:18am

Makeher president and then the rest of the world make fully understand that america is a morally, a third world country. Hey, what with 45 million million dollars debt they are.

Oct 26 10 - 10:19am

What the hell is that guy from New Zealand pretending to be an Aussie doing in here?

Aug 30 11 - 4:34am

The pruchaess I make are entirely based on these articles.

Sep 15 11 - 6:03am

Send those undies over when she done with 'em cos we're makin'soup here.

Dec 22 11 - 11:07pm

I'd fuck her, but I wouldn't give her any pink panties.