D.C. police under fire for giving Charlie Sheen an 80-m.p.h. escort

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The D.C. Police usually make the news for, say, shooting dogs at crowded street festivals or bringing guns to snowball fights. So, it should probably ease the mind that they're currently in the press for something as benign as authorizing an eighty-m.p.h. police escort for Charlie Sheen, who was running over an hour late to his Tuesday show at DAR Constitution Hall.

Now, issues of Sheen's overexposure aside, the real debate lies in whether or not taxpayer dollars are best spent escorting drug-riddled celebs du jours to their various engagements. Officials in the department will only confirm that the matter is "under investigation," and everyone from Sheen's handlers to venue reps are playing hot potato over the question of who exactly requested the escort.

Sheen, for his part, doesn't seem to be bothered with issues of propriety (understatement alert) regarding the escort — not only did he Tweet a photo of the ride (which appears to have been deleted), but he greeted media at Constitution Hall with this gem: "We had a police escort, and we ran more red lights than Brooke Mueller heading to a pawn shop.”