Denny's mac and cheese patty melt

Undeterred by endless news items about America's obesity epidemic, Denny's has jumped head first into "This is Why You're Fat" territory, launching a new "Let's Get Cheesy" menu that puts the disgusting, infamous KFC Double Down to shame.

As our more savvy readers might have guessed, the menu basically involves dousing normal diner staples with as many extra forms of cheese as possible. Eight of the nine items on the menu have more calories than the Double Down, but the real standout item is the Mac N' Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt, which, at 1,690 calories and ninety-nine grams of fat, also packs a bigger caloric punch than an entire stick of butter.

The sandwich itself features mac n cheese, a ground beef patty, "zesty Frisco sauce," other undefined melted cheese, all stuffed between two butter-soaked pieces of potato bread.

Ok, say what you will about this being a culinary and dietary atrocity, but I still totally want to try it. Just one innocent, cheesy bite couldn't possibly push me over the edge into heart disease and hypertension... right?

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Sep 05 11 - 12:50am

I'm pretty sure that if I ate one of these I'd either puke or not take a crap for a whole week.

Sep 05 11 - 3:39am

This should be illegal. It's like taking to different meals and making it one by stuffing them in the middle of two non-healthy buns...

Sep 06 11 - 11:49am

Don't worry, it probably will be illegal soon. The government should decide what we should be eating.

Sep 05 11 - 5:54am

The grilled doubledown: not actually bad for you.

Sep 05 11 - 6:00am

You've just got to laugh (or cry) at the insidious and sophisticated market segmentation these fast food empires unleash. On the one hand, healthy options to keep the pinko commie health nuts (read the dietary and medical professional lobby) at bay and on the other fat-soaked Frankenfood for the libertarian (read conservative downwardly mobile) to champion in a fit of self-loathing nihilism. Either way, the house always wins.

Sep 06 11 - 2:09am

Yes, a perchance for comfort food is EXCLUSIVELY the realm of those who have a rightward political alignment. Fuck off... seriously.

Sep 06 11 - 8:05am


Sep 06 11 - 9:26am

God damnit!!!!

Sep 05 11 - 10:16am

It's called personal choice.

But then there is no personal choice if we continue to become a nanny state where we all pay for everyone's benefits.

I love it when people call for laws to stop this kind of think.

Well I grew up in Canada, and common sense became laws because everyone's choices impacted everyone else.

At some point something you choose to do will fall under these new laws, so be careful what you ask for.

Sep 05 11 - 12:54pm

I also love it when people call for laws to stop this kind of "think." You are dumb.

Sep 05 11 - 3:31pm

That's the sum total of your commentary, a fat finger spelling error?

You sir are a twat.

Sep 05 11 - 3:36pm

I'm sure that's the correct spelling of twat.

Sep 05 11 - 5:26pm
It ALWAYS impacts me

canuck - it isn't the "nanny state" that causes everyone to pay for this-

I can't have my nation's armed forces protect me - because your fat-ass kid is too obese to serve

I can't hire employees - because the fear of teaching science in school has resulted in your kid being t0o fucking stupid to do anything of use.

Everyone's choices always have and always will impact everyone else.

Sep 06 11 - 11:52am

Seems like you shouldn't hire the kid that's too fat and we have a volunteer Armed Force. It's not his kid's responsibility to protect you. Fwiw, we have no problem recruiting solidiers, sailors, Marines and airmen.

If you truly believe your examples justify the kind of intevention that canuck is warning about then you, too, are a twat.

Sep 05 11 - 11:40am

Strange I never see this sort of pontification concerning the fare offered at the latest sheik restaurant. You think that Asian fusion dish you had at Mandlo's in SOHO isn't just as bad as this?

Sep 05 11 - 1:22pm

1. "chic."
2. That one sandwich contains more calories than I eat in an entire day, so no, I'm pretty sure the hypothetical Asian fusion dish is a better option.

Sep 05 11 - 2:40pm

Well, you don't know since small restaurants don't have to post calorie counts on their menus, do they?

Sep 05 11 - 3:35pm

Because the calorie display laws were designed to take out corporate restaurants, while allowing smaller and equally unhealthy restaurants to get away with murder by cholesterol.

Most of these laws get support from independent restaurant associations, hoping that people will think that the grease bomb burger served at the retro diner is healthy because there's not nutrition information presented.

Sep 05 11 - 7:42pm

I really, really like the idea of a Sheik Restaurant.

Sep 06 11 - 12:50am

Me too, Fancy, it sounds bitchin'.

And you can avoid eating a bajillion stealth calories by just knowing what you eat. Order simple food that hasn't been fried or smothered in a fatty dressing, and if you have questions, just *ask* (politely, of course).

Sep 06 11 - 12:52pm

I work in Dearborn, Michigan. We have plenty of "Sheik" restaurants.

Sep 06 11 - 5:44pm

This is Greg M. from Austin isn't it? If so, what on Earth are you doing trolling the Nerve comment boards with all this inflammatory crap? Seriously, you're all over the place around here. Infowars forums lose their sparkle?

Sep 05 11 - 10:00pm

to each his own

And, as some others have already somewhat mentioned here already, there have been meals as unhealthy as this for a long time (like my grandma's cooking) and it isn't really anything new, this is just a new thing that is stirring up the controversy trough. Also, it is something we can easily point a finger at as the problem because it is harder to identify problems like Americans not being able to get enough exercise because overuse of individualized transport (cars), working longer hours than the rest of the developed world, no government funded gyms, etc.

Not that I am arguing right now that all those above examples must be changed right now, I'm making the point that our obesity problem can be indicated by a lot of things and should not be wholly represented by this sandwich.

Sep 08 11 - 1:18am

There are restaurant (and I use the word loosely) chains that I can't order in at all nowadays because every damn thing has cheese on it already. Chilis for example was a stopgap when everything else was closed late at night and I could tell myself I could eat healthy stuff the rest of the week. Not any more. I literally can't find anything to order there any more. So where the hell are Denny's finding the space to stuff any more cheese into their food? Never mind those cretins at McDonalds with a slice of cheese on a *fish* sandwich (shudder).

Nov 20 11 - 2:53pm

Well I guess I don't have to spend the wekeend figuring this one out!

Nov 21 11 - 2:59pm

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