Despite DADT repeal, gay soldiers can’t start telling just yet

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Even though Congress has passed a bill repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell and President Obama will obviously not veto it, LGBT rights organizations are warning gay and lesbian service members that they shouldn't come out or attempt to reenlist just yet — they can still be discharged under the policy for up to two months after Obama signs it into law. That's because the military needs to wait for the President and the Join Chiefs of Staff to issue a certification that states the Pentagon is ready to institute the repeal in a way that won't hurt readiness or cohesion.

Of course, they could just suspend the implementation of DADT until that time comes, which is exactly what the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network has asked Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to do. This is what the Defense Department is saying in response:

The current law remains in effect until certification takes place. As Secretary Gates has said in his statement, the Department will immediately proceed with the planning necessary to carry out this change carefully, methodically but purposefully.

That… pretty much sounds like a no. Sorry, Dan Choi — you'll have to wait for 2011 to start putting your life on the line for your fellow countrymen again.