Dick Cheney talks smack about John McCain in new book

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Dick Cheney is taking shots in his new book, and while they might not be as physically damaging as the the shots he takes with his firearm (let's all take a moment to remember that fun news week) they are just as painful emotionally. Cheney goes way back with former presidential hopeful John McCain, and can't resist getting sassy about him in his new book, In My Time. A select passage:

On September 24, 2008, Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced he was suspending his presidential campaign to come back to Washington to deal with the financial crisis. It was a move that frankly surprised many of us in the White House. After all, there really wasn't much John could actually do, and it seemed pretty risky to announce the campaign suspension and head back to Washington without being clear about what you could actually deliver. But we wanted McCain to win, so when he asked the president to convene the congressional leadership in the Cabinet Room of the White House to discuss the financial crisis, the president did it. He called Senator Obama, McCain's opponent, and asked him to be there as well. What unfolded that day in the West Wing was likely unique in the annals of American presidential contests.


When the president turned to Senator McCain to speak, he passed. Since he had called for the meeting in the first place, that was a surprise. After a few other people expressed their opinions, most of them negative, the president came back to McCain. This time he spoke, but only for himself. It was a marked contrast with Obama, whose words carried the authority of all the Democrats in the room. Senator McCain added nothing of substance. It was entirely unclear why he'd returned to Washington and why he'd wanted the congressional leadership called together. I left the Cabinet Room when the meeting was over thinking the Republican presidential ticket was in trouble.

Look, this is as "juicy" as Cheney is probably going to get, so just go with it. So far McCain has been all diplomatic (read: boring) about the new book, releasing a statement about how he hopes Cheney stays in good health. I'm choosing to believe that that's actually veiled attempt at wishing death upon him.

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