Dinosaur feathers have finally been discovered

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Maybe I'm just an obsessive Jurassic Park fan, but this is the most exciting news I've heard all week. Remember how they found the preserved drop of blood in a mosquito preserved in amber? Well, this pseudo-science underlying the film does have some basis in reality; amber preserves rather than fossilizes objects. So while scientists have long suspected dinosaurs may have been feathered, all they had to go on were fossils containing the imprint of what may have been decorative plumes. But now we have proof

These feathers date back to the Cretaceous period — all you would-be paleontologists will remember this period occurred 145 to 65 millions years ago — and they're brilliantly preserved. I love it when a scientific discovery comes about that makes us rethink our entire conception of a species. I'm picturing every movie dinosaur ever, now resplendent in plumes. Can you imagine a bunch of gigantic birds parading across the planet? It's almost too hilarious. 

In closing, I'll leave you with the most amazing depiction of a dinosaur our culture has yet known.