Disney-developed town rocked by its first ever murder

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According to Wikipedia, Disney wanted to "'make history' and develop a town worthy of the Disney brand." Celebration, FL, is that town, but things have changed since its inception in the nineties. A Celebration citizen (Celebrator? Celebrity? Celebrant?) was found dead in his apartment last Monday, marking the town's first ever murder.

As CBS news reports,

"An individual called and said she was checking on a neighbor and when she went into the apartment, she found an individual deceased," said Twis Lizasuain, Osceola County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

And this is scaring the shit out of the people who moved into this real-life Disney village.

While residents wait to get more information, [a person who knew the victim] said she and other neighbors are hoping there's not a killer lurking in their quiet community.

"Everyone knows everyone. It's just a small town feel and we're very upset," Peraino said.

"In this neighborhood it's a rare occurrence for the Celebration community, and we are working this as an isolated incident," said [a country spokesperson].

Chilling. Disney, for its part, will probably not be solving the murder — the company has "divested most of its control over Celebration" in recent years.