DMV employee resigns after telling transgender woman she’s going to hell

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This sucks. As if interacting with the DMV wasn't painful enough as it is, one California DMV employee decided to make it more so by sending a hateful letter to Amber Yust, a transgender woman who sought to change the old name (David) and gender (male) on her license.

After she left the DMV, she received a note from the DMV employee that read,

I have learned that the reason for the vast majority of gender change operations is the client's homosexual orientation. The homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell.

You'd think that the surely diverse array of faces that a San Francisco DMV rakes in would require employees to be tolerant, or at least not-hateful. But that wasn't the case in this situation; in fact, the same employee had been in hot water before for refusing to assist a transgender person. That time, the employee was placed on probation and forced to take a sensitivity course.

Obviously, the course wasn't very effective. The employee has since resigned, and Yust and her attorney are upset that the employee wasn't fired before having a chance to resign. You can read more about the story over at CNN.