Drought in Texas leads to ill-timed mistletoe shortage

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In un-festive news, a record drought in Texas this year means a steep drop in mistletoe supplies nationwide. What, you didn't know most of our country's mistletoe comes from the great state of Texas? 

Apparently it does, since mistletoe kingpin Robert Tiemann complained to the New York Times, "There's not enough mistletoe in the State of Texas to run a commercial operation," citing a sixty- or seventy-percent drop in the plant's availability after the past year's extreme weather.

Will this ruin Christmas for everyone? Opinions on the matter differ. According to jaded Brooklyn dwellers and one New York florist, the plant is long since out of vogue and pretty much pointless in these modern times. "In 1901 you needed to be under a mistletoe to steal a kiss in public," said the florist. "In 2011, you can do just about anything you want in public and it goes unnoticed." However, mistletoe loyalists complained that with only fake versions of the plant available, "the kiss doesn't have the same impact." 

So what kind of impact will this devastating news story have on Christmas history? Only time will tell.