DUI lawyer suing strip club after getting drunk and spending $19k

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Miami attorney Mark Gold has found himself with an unexpected client: Mark Gold. Founder of the Ticket Clinic, which specializes in speeding and DUI cases, the fifty-six-year-old Gold spent a very expensive night back in November at the Gold Rush strip club in downtown Miami, an $18,930 night to be exact. That's how much was charged to his credit card, and Gold is pissed. He's suing the club, claiming that he was so intoxicated that the staff should have cut him off. He says that they kept feeding him drinks so they could charge "excessive amounts of money to his credit card." That, or he had a few hundred lap dances while being doused with Dom Perignon.

Gold is seeking a full refund of his money, plus expenses, from the club's owners, ultimately, I guess, for forcing him to get plastered at a wiggle joint. The lawsuit, filed April 18, states:

"Gold Rush knowingly and continuously served plaintiff alcoholic beverages to the extent that he was rendered intoxicated, partially or temporarily unconscious, and further to the extent that he had a complete loss of judgment, rational thought, or ability to enter into lawful contracts or agreements. Gold Rush having knowingly caused plaintiff's irrational state of mind, continued to ply him with liquor in order to charge his credit card excessive amounts to the extent of $18,930."

We've seen cases like this before, and you can put "stripper ethics" on the list of oxymorons that include such mainstays as "jumbo shrimp" and "loose tights." Even though the club clearly took advantage of Gold, it's hard to sympathize with a lawyer who makes money off the excessive alcohol consumption of others. On the bright side, the seventeen Florida branches of the Ticket Clinic are getting some free advertising.