Duke frats send out awful Halloween party invitations to coeds

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Duke University's PR person must be constantly working; the most recent outrage gripping people at the school involves some really charming (read: offensive) invitations full of great jokes (read: misogynist bullshit) to some female classmates they treat with respect and dignity (read: disregard and roofies). Of course, the frats involved are claiming that the invites were all sent out by individuals and the rest of the brothers had no involvement:

Note the addition from someone who probably really wishes they weren't going to Duke. I'm sure some of you will read this and think it was just a joke and people get too easily outraged over nothing. To you all I say: fine, though I completely disagree. But here's the thing: these are not even good jokes! Seriously, they are stale, and poorly told, and some are just incomprehensible! (Does not having the physiqe of Snooki mean you are… tall? Fat? Small boobs, thin hair, what?)

Gawker has another invitation from a different fraternity that makes a Helen Keller joke that wasn't fresh in 1984. If you're going to be offensive anyway, at least try harder.